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7th May at Fringe Club 

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Boost your sense of happiness and well-being at this month's Drum Jam in celebration of World Laughter Day! Join us on May 7th for a good belly laugh and experience the health benefits of Laughter Yoga and group drumming.

Laughter and drumming help to:
- reduce stress
- boost the immune system
- increase happy hormones
- reduce burnout, depression and anxiety
- improve sleep quality
- release negative emotions
- strengthen mental function
- connect socially
- and much more!

You will be guided by experienced laughter yoga teachers Mahesh, Helen, and Joy Pamnani from Inspire2Aspire Consulting, along with Japanese percussionist Kumi Masunaga and the Drum Jam Team. 

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If it's your first time joining our community Drum Jam, check out these videos to get a sneak peek of the fun!