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A drum circle is always an unforgettable experience. It is interactive, fun, and family-friendly and delivers all kinds of physical and emotional benefits. Above all, it is a sure way to get everyone to join in, heart and soul.

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"If you've ever come across Kumi, you will remember her. Her positivity, enthusiasm, contribution, passion and great drive are truly inspiring and contagious. Her Drum Jam events in Hong Kong makes the city's heart beat in the rhythm of love, fun, community and camaraderie. She is a wonderful asset to Hong Kong and any company or individuals wishing to work with her will experience her astounding musical gift."

Cristina Rodenbeck

Executive & Wellness coach, corporate wellness speaker

Drum Jam offers a range of interactive music-making programmes, for adults and children alike, that are guaranteed to make your function truly memorable.


Look out also for our Community events and "pop-up" drum jams. These are open to anyone and are a great way to get a taste of the power of the drum.

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What is it like to be in one of our community drumming nights when you have never touched a drum before? Here is a short blog post written by Ainslie Young, an Australian business consultant, who attended our event held at Hong Kong Fringe Club for the very first time!

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Learn about our community events.

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