RHYTHM is our universal language. 

Children’s innate love of music shines through in our Kidz Jam sessions, where even the shyest children slowly move forward to join in.  Teachers and parents also enjoy these jams where children share, listen, take turns, lead, follow and respond – all the things you’ve been trying to get them to do!

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Kidz Jam is one of the BEST children's parties in town! Drum Jam Hong Kong's African drummers create a warm, African village-like atomosphere where children of all ages and levels of development can thrive.

Drum Party!

"Kids had a blast!  The 'Kidz Jam' party is the most successful so far.” 


1, 2, Let's All Play!

"The students, staff and even parents could not watch without a smile!"

Learn how to utilise RHYTHM in your classrooms from Village Music Circles certified global trainer, Kumi Masunaga. The training is via zoom or face-to-face.


Learn how to utilize RHYTHM in your classrooms, virtually or in-person.


Voice from a parent

Kids had a blast!  I really enjoyed your enthusiasm and personality - it made the party a big success.

Voice from a parent

I have been organizing several parties for families of friends, and the 'Kidz Jam' party is the most successful so far.

Delia School of Canada

The programme was organized, fun, safe and energized. You have a wonderful spirit and zest!!

Quarry Bay School

The children LOVED it and the WHOLE STAFF is talking about the success of the visit!!!
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