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What is Circle Singing? 

Circle singing is a spontaneous, improvisational community-singing experience, a little bit like a "drum circle" for singers. A leader starts by improvising a line of music and gives it to one part of the circle. The leader then develops a second part that goes with the first and gives that part to another section of the circle.  The group learns and repeats the part given to them. Soon we are singing a four- (or more) part chorus that has never been sung before. This chorus can support individual solos. 

In a relaxed, all-inclusive group setting, circle singing brings out nice energy as we create in-the-moment music together. Come, release stress and connect with others as well as the beauty and power of music. 

We welcome all levels. No prior singing experience is necessary. Simply bring your unique voice and an open mind. Let's have a lot of fun! 

What are the benefits?

We all sing. Whether or not we can sing perfectly in tune, we know that there is something positive -- something very healthy -- in the act of raising our voices in song. In fact, there is scientific evidence to prove that group singing is good for your body, mind and spirit.

Group singing

- helps to reduce stress

- improves your mood

- helps to release pent-up emotions

- improves our immune response

- increases the pain threshold

- improves the lung function 

- develops a sense of belonging and connection

- and it does more good for you!

Who is leading?


The session will be facilitated by Kumi Masunaga, an experienced drum circle facilitator. 

When and Where? 


Mui Wo Sports Centre in Mui Wo, Lantau Island. 
The next session is on the 17th of May (
Wednesday), 8:00 - 9:00 pm

The directions will be sent to you once we receive your registration. 

Age Limit? 

The programme is for 17 years old and above. 

How much? 

We want to keep this accessible to anyone and everyone. It is by donation

It's free of charge for domestic helpers and refugees however, ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS ESSENTIAL. Click one of the buttons below.

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Any questions, contact us

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