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In today’s competitive corporate environment, continued development and training is essential to keep staff motivated and performing to the best of their ability.  Although drumming is one of the oldest motivational tools in existence, it is currently enjoying a rebirth in the corporate corridors as a team-building and communications training tool. 


Thousands of organisations all over the world have already benefited from group drumming activities. After the sessions, participants report feeling more positive, confident, focused and more connected to one another. They also report having had a good dose of fun!


Now Drum Jam is delivering corporate drumming programmes to Hong Kong and Asia. We have already worked with hundreds of clients from various industries, participating in events from seminars to launches to training programmes. We provide all the equipment and handle the set-up, ensuring a hassle free experience for you.


Click here to request more information about our corporate programmes.  Alternatively, call us directly on +852 97504212.



A drum circle is the perfect metaphor for teamwork. 



Here are 6 evidence-based health benefits of drumming.


You and your group deserve to have a lot of fun this year!

our clients

Here are our clients, affiliates and the organizations we support.

"Excellent tool to promote teamwork. It was great to laugh together. Rhythm is a great leveler." -- CLSA China Ltd.

"I am still hearing positive comments about the event a month later - a great success! " -- HSBC

"We specially appreciate your effort in tailor making the session for us. We have come across other teambuilding companies with African drumming but they do not have the energy and engaging ability as high as yours." -- Maxim's Caterer Ltd.

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Let's take a deep breath and tune into the gentle rhythms of life.  Make it a full-screen and feel the spaciousness that is in you. (The video is 40 second long.)

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