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Engaging, Uplifting, Fun! Drumming brings your team together in driving successful performance!

Group music-making with drums and percussion instruments offers an effective, fun and meaningful way to communicate, cooperate and collaborate better in the workplace, educational and community settings. 

If you are new to interactive music programmes, we suggest you click the image below and watch a short animation video about the benefits of drum team building and what exactly we can deliver at your event. 

The programme can be had in different formats and settings. 

Rhythm is the leader that breaks down the barriers of individual focus to create a unified spirit…


Drum Jam is team building with a difference. New ways of relating come into play as colleagues bond on a new level of connectedness, creating something bigger than the sum of the separate parts.


Inclusion, collaboration, communication, listening skills, speed, dialogue, change, and harmony… You find all these elements in music. And drums and percussion instruments are the easiest and most enjoyable instruments for anyone to play!

Team building can be incorporated into your next award dinner as entertainment. 


Tap into the Rhythm of
Innovation, Motivation
and Culture Change

A drum circle is the perfect metaphor for and the ultimate practical demonstration of team work. Our programmes can be tailored to suit your objectives and needs. They work well on their own or as part of conference or general training days.  Sessions last from between half an hour and half-day and we can work with groups of 5 to 500 people with drums and up to 2,000 people with percussion instruments.


Click here to request more information about our team building programme. Alternatively, call us directly on +852 97504212.


“Energizing, Engaging and Relaxing! Great facilitation!”



Be uplifted and transformed!

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