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(If you are lucky,) You may find yourself in this, as some of our corporate team-building and community sessions are featured in the movie. It is going to be released on American Thanksgiving day, 26th November 2020 from One Heart Movies and then will enter many international film festivals. Watch the trailer now. 

HSBC team building

Unforgettable entertainment by Drum Jam

"The Team That Rocks!!"

Stage peformance at Jane Goodall event

Off-site conference opening 

Chinese drum X British tenor Alfie Boe

Maxim's Team Building

Corporate party entertainment

Drum Jam in Shanghai, China

Interactive Percussion Tube Jam at TEDx 2011

Japanese Taiko drumming at HK Marathon

Drum Jam in India

2,000-person percussion tube - Staff training

Kumi Masunaga facilitates community music

Community Drum Jam in Hong Kong

Kidz Jam at school
"Non-verbal Leader"

Call & Response at ESF Discovery College

Percussionist Kumi Masunaga at Product launch

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