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From corporate team building to school programme, HealthRHYTHMS Online to children's parties, all our latest videos are on our YouTube Channel. 

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Latest News!

What are the benefits?​

Drum circle offers an effective, fun and meaningful way to communicate, cooperate, and collaborate in workplace, educational, community, faith, corrections, and healthcare settings. 

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Welcome to our M e d i a page!

​Kumi's Drum Story

In this video interview by Precious Hong Kong online magazine, Kumi talks about one of her most memorable drum circle experiences as well as how Drum Jam began. 

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Beat Away Stress!

China Daily News reporter Chloe Feng had never drummed before. See how immediate the health benefits are felt! Click below button to watch the episode.

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DRUM JAM for your event
Corporate dinner entertainment
Maxim's Team Building
Even the most 'conservatives' step forward to have fun!
HealthRHYTHMS Online
REMO drum circle in Shanghai
Kidz Jam at school
"Non-verbal Leader"
Kidz Jam Online #1
Interview - Kumi Masunaga
Interview - Taiko diva Kaoly (Japan)
"The Team That Rocks!!"
Off-site conference opening 
Kumi's TEDx presentation #1
Japanese Taiko drumbeats cheer at sports event
Drum Jam in India
Call & Response at a school foyer
Kidz Jam Online #2
Drum & Sing for Peace
British tenor Alfie Boe and Chinese drums
Stage show at Jane Goodall charity event
Japanese Taiko performance
2,000 people w/ percussion tubes 
Kumi Masunaga facilitates community drum circle
A 100-person drum circle
Percussionist Kumi with DJ Kulu at AUDI product launch
HealthRHYTHMS Online
Health & Wellness - Kumi Masunaga
Engaging onlin music programme
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