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Uniquely enjoyable, accessib

a rhythmic prescription
for wellness

Spontaneous group music-making is uniquely enjoyable, accessible and engaging for people from all walks of life. It opens doors for meaningful non-verbal communication, while promoting creativity, social interaction and relaxation.

It is not about mastering of drumming technique, but uses the drum as a tool for personal expression and connecting with others. HealthRHYTHMS has been integrated as a whole-person therapeutic strategy in group counseling sessions, support groups, rehabilitation centers, schools, hospitals, elderly facilities and more.


You'll feel the benefits immediately...

HealthRHYTHMS is an evidence-based programme that;

- Strengthens our immune system,

- Improves moods and reduces

  burn out, and

- Boosts the cancer-combatting    Natural Killer cells,

- Reverses stress on genomic level. 

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Fivelements class

"It was a lovely and fun event. 
Your energy and playfulness are
refreshing and uplifted me. 
Thank you, Kumi!"

7 Elements of HealthRHYTHMS

1. Stress-Reduction
2. Music-making
3. Self-expression
4. Camaraderie/Support
5. Nurturing
6. Spirituality
7. Exercise
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No experience necessary

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Uniquely enjoyable, accessible and engaging for people from all walks of life, HealthRHYTHMS is designed for people with no music experience. 

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HealthRHYTHMS research summary

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Benefits of group drumming 

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About Facilitator

Hand Drums

If you've ever come across Kumi, you will remember her. Her positivity, enthusiasm, contribution, passion and great drive are truly inspiring and contagious. Her Drum Jam events in Hong Kong makes the city's heart beat in the rhythm of love, fun, community and camaraderie. She is a wonderful asset to Hong Kong and any company or individuals wishing to work with her will experience her astounding musical gift.

Cristina Rodenbeck           

Executive & Wellness Coach, Corporate Wellness Speaker

Tropical Plant
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Graeme Stuart-Bradshaw 
B.Sc, Dip. Nutr., Dip. Hom., Dip. Herb., N.D.
Integrated Medicine Institute

Feeling open hearted and happy after the session. Kumi with her enthusiasm and teaching skills, brings out the player in us all.

Cristina Rodenbeck.png

Cristina Rodenbeck
Executive & Wellness Coach, Corporate Wellness Speaker

What a great experience we had last night!  My body cells are still bouncing in joy and my body definitely needs to dance more!

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Cancer Link
Hong kong Cancer Fund

HealthRHYTHMS is a here-and-now experience; it takes you away from your current worries and fears. It gives your mind a good rest.  It's a wonderful programme that lets you enjoy the communal feeling, rather than focusing just on the self. 

An unforgettably joyful
rhythmic experience
that lets everyone join
heart and soul.


 From corporate wellness and team building to birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, bridal/baby showers, or casual friends-get-together, we create memorable moments with vibrant rhythms.

Click here to request information, send Whatsapp or call us directly at +852 97504212. 

HealthRHYTHMS Online!

Play, relax and connect with people from around the world through one hour of music journey on Zoom! 

Kumi Masunaga leads evidence-based HealthRHYTHMS online. Visit her website today and receive health benefits and much more.

What participants are saying...

Hand Drums

I love the way Kumi leads the sessions - she makes everyone feel welcome; gives clear instructions; makes everything fun and high-energy; shares fascinating stories about drums and drumming in many cultures; encourages and acknowledges everyone, and manages to fit lots of interesting activities into a one-hour session.

Kay Ross. Personal Development Coach and Trainer

drumming together.jpeg

Kumi's talents in drumming, music and facilitating events are astounding!

Her sessions are incredibly uplifting and if you are looking for a spark of joy, then definitely check out her "Health Rhythms" Zoom event. 

Cecilia Y.

The programme helped me to open up, be uplifted and to find deep freedom within; a whole new experience for me! 

Geoffrey L. 

Loved the creative session in which I could imagine myself walking in a  jungle listening to bird's song.  I feel relaxed.


Being in the moment with others and able to release and be creative with a sense of privacy; I would usually feel a little reserved to sing if everyone could hear me.

N. Lee

Relax, revitalize and restore your spirit through RHYTHM

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Drumming boosts immunity

and beats away stress! 

China Daily reporter Chloe Feng had never drummed before. See how immediate the health benefits are felt! Click below button to watch the episode. 


Click here to request information or whatsapp +852 97504212. 

HealthRHYTHMS introduction video

Music and Brain

Click the button to see our Resources page "Benefits and Science of Drumming". 
Click the button to see more videos of our interactive programmes. 
Click here to request information, or send Whatsapp or call us directly at +852 97504212. 
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