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 RHYTHM, our universal language, brings everyone together to celebrate. 

Dubbed as "one of the BEST PARTIES in town!", Drum Jam is an utterly joyful activity suited to all ages and stages of development. There are three packages for you to choose from!




Good for 

small parties




10-15 drums

& percussion





"I have been organizing several parties for

families of friends for years, and the 'Kidz Jam' party is the most successful so far."


"We loved it!

The adults had as much fun as the kids!

I certainly did.”


Drum Jam Team


Kumi is a Japanese percussionist, REMO artist and founder of Drum Jam. She has over twenty years of performing, facilitating and teaching experience. Kumi is a mother and lives closely with beautiful nature of South Lantau Island, Hong Kong.


  • Kumi Masunaga Facebook page
  • Kumi Masunaga Youtube video


Pi-chu, a native of Congo, is an accomplished drummer and experienced Drum Jam facilitator. His warm and infectiously cheerful character is loved by everyone regardless of age and background. He shares songs and dance from Africa.   

  • Kela youtube video
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Drum Jam is a Hong Kong-based drumming company, founded in 2001 by Japanese percussionist Kumi Masunaga.


We harness the power of drum beats and deliver it to you through a range of inspirational performances and activities, both virtually and in person.

Drum Jam is a Hong Kong-based drumming company, founded by Japanese percussionist, REMO artist, Kumi Masunaga in 2001.
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Are you planning a birthday party or special celebration? Weekends and public holidays are popular! Let us know if you'd like us to mark your special day on our calendar today.

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 "Kids had a blast!" 

Under the current situation, we give flexibilities and options to families who want to celebrate heart and soul. Let us know your needs. We'll come up with creative ideas and suggestions!

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Once you fill out the booking form, you will receive a list of useful tips and ideas to make your party extra FUN! Click the button below. 

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