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Community Drum Jam in Discovery Bay

Family-friendly Community Drum Jam around a bonfire in Discovery Bay
Sat. 12 Nov.
Join us!

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Join us in a unique opportunity to play music with your family and friends in nature.  We welcome people of all ages and with no music experience.  Let's drum, sing and dance under the beautiful sky towards sunset and enjoy the evening together around a bonfire. 

Making music in nature frees both children and adults from busy mental activities and helps us connect to the natural world around us.  It wakes up our senses, expands our perceptions, and nurtures our creativity. 


The scenery and smells provide additional stimuli to make the community music experience even more enjoyable. 


The link between the pleasure that music brings and exposure to nature in early childhood helps to encourage a lifetime appreciation of the outdoors and music. 

The event is organized by Drum Jam, a drumming company based in Hong Kong since 2001 and it'll be facilitated by a Japanese percussionist Kumi and her team including an African drummer Pi-Chu.


Bring your own drinks, snacks, marshmallows and anything else you'd like!  Seats and musical instruments will be provided to a limited number of ticket holders with advance bookings only. 


There are four ticket types to choose from.  Your booking will be confirmed and an E-Ticket will be sent to you when we receive your payment.  

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"What an amazing night it was! We loved every second." 

Date: Saturday 12 Nov 2022

Time: 5:00 - 6:30pm  (Drums self-pick up counter* opens at 4:30pm)

Location: DB North Plaza Beach (a.k.a. Sam Pak Wan Beach). See Map


$280 for an individual adult, incl. 1 drum or 1 percussion

$380 for 1 child and 1 parent, incl. 1 drum and 1 percussion

$540 for a family of three, incl. 2 drums and 1 percussion

$680 for a family of four, incl. 2 drums and 2 percussion

$150 additional per extra child, incl. 1 drum and 1 chair

Babies under 18 months old are free. 


PayMe or FPS to 97504212 or HSBC 161-039011-001 (Rhythm of Life Co.). 


Please write your name and send proof of payment to 97504212.  We will send your E-Ticket in return. In case of cancellation due to rainy weather, we'll refund the full amount.  Terms & conditions apply.

*Drum self-pickup & drop-off Location:

Guidepost Montessori (Former Sunshine House Kindergarten). Up the escalator. Above the supermarket) 1/F, 92 Siena Ave. North Plaza, DB. See Map. Our African drums are small, light and easy to carry. 

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