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I recommend YOU to play ukulele because...

#1  It is small. And that's great for smaller hands!

#2  It's easy to play. There are many 1-finger songs!

#3  Many chords are simple.

#4  It is portable and affordable. 

#5  A wonderful tool to discover the music in YOU!

--- Kumi Masunaga, Founder, Drum Jam

"There is something about the ukulele that just makes you smile."  -- Jake Shimabukuro

What was it like to have played a ukulele for the first time at age 4?


Watch this short video by the MasterClass, featuring the world's leading ukulele player, Jake Shimabukuro, with whom Kumi has jammed in her drum circle, and find out!

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Awaken the music inside of you. 

Adult ukulele

private or online

lessons available.

Contact us

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Ukulele class for children of all ages and parents who would like to learn together.

For private, group or online lessons, 

Contact us

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Where to
find ukuleles
in Hong Kong? 

  • Tom Lee Music. Their online shop has ukuleles from HK$152 and up. Store locations and opening hours are here. Best call them first and check the stock.

  • is a ukulele-only shop in TST. 

  • Home Sweet Home is in Mong Kok. 

  • There are many secondhand ones online (i.e., Facebook Marketplace, from HK$80+).

What size? 

  • The soprano ukulele is the smallest size. It is ideal for young players with smaller hands and for beginners in general.

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