Welcome to UNIVERSAL DRUM VOICE tent @SparkleVerse  @Burning Man MultiVerse 2020



2100-2200 Hong Kong

1400-1500 London

0900-1000 EST

0600-0700 PST (Playa)

The above is our one-time event schedule. Please make sure to come back for that. 
Our friendly members will be in and out throughout the week. Drop us a message. Say Hellooooo. Or invite us to your tent, event, dorm, etc. for BM is all about community spirit! 
We will be posting the zoom code here, closer to the event. Join us in the Universal Drum Voice!! 

Play your rhythm, sing your truth out and be united as ONE.  It's an opportunity to express your inner groove and share it with the incredible Burning Man community! 


No prior music experience necessary.  You'll be making music on your lap, a table or a 'Found Sound' instrument in your home. If you have a hand drum, percussion and/or other musical instrument, you are welcome to use them. Here are some easy & simple 'Found Sound' instrument ideas.

Also join the Hong Kong Cabaret - Dragon Titty  

@SparkleVerse  @Burning Man MultiVerse 2020

From the Hong Kong sunset to the Playa sunrise, Dragon Titty will perform in a truncated night purveyed live from Hong Kong. Drum Jam's Kumi is going to gear up your mood through interactive drumming and dancing (though it's short set). For more info on Dragon Titty, click here

MINI (short) Drum Jam with Kumi will be at around 2020-2030. 
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Now take a deep breath...

and enjoy this short video (40 sec).

Let's take a deep breath and tune into the gentle rhythms of life.  Make it into a full-screen and feel the spaciousness that is in you. (The video is 40 seconds long.)

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