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The party site is located towards the right-hand end of Pui O beach, Lantau Island.  You can take a ferry, MTR, bus or taxi to get there. Click here for transportation info and directions. 



This event is over quota and tickets are sold out. Click here to sign up for "Rhythm Inspirer" and receive priority invites to our future events. Click here to see our other events. (This page is updated frequently as more events come up. )


Please bring your own drinks and food/snack to share for the potluck during the daytime. Bring your own cup, bowl/box/plate and cutlery also to minimize our waste. 


There is an early dinner at around 6 pm by the bonfire. This is optional and an additional $100. If you'd like to join this dinner, send a message ASAP to Kumi at 97504212. 


The dinner will be simple vegetarian dishes, prepared with love and delivered to the beach at around 5:30pm by one of our group members, Laras. Cash $100 will be collected from those who have signed up at the beach.

With the same spirit as this not-for-profit community event, Laras has agreed to prepare the dinner for us at a low price - $100 only. If the food is good, she'd be happy to receive tips. 


There are public toilets, showers and changing rooms at the centre part of Pui O beach. 


This event is free of charge for children however, advance registration is essential. At this outdoor event with a bonfire, please look after your child/ren for safety all the time. 


This event is pet-friendly. 


7-11 and supermarkets are located near Mui Wo ferry pier and bus terminus. There are a couple of small shops selling drinks and ice cream on the way to the beach after you get off the bus in Pui O. There is also a Kiosk shop at the centre part of the beach, selling drinks and crisps. 



Click here to see the Directions to the venue.


Click here to see transportation info. 


- Drinks and food/snacks to share for the potluck during the daytime.

- Your own cutlery, cup and bowl/box/plate.

- $100 cash if you have signed up for the group DINNER. 

- Head torch or flashlight 

- Welcome to bring your own instrument if you have one.

- Bring your open mind, dancing feet and willingness to co-create this unique community event!


We'd love to see your photos and videos!


Please tag

@drumjamhk on IG

@Drum-Jam on FB

Alternatively, please share them via WhatsApp 97504212 or in this Google Drive folder


All Drum Jam's musical instruments are delicate and can be easily damaged by rain. In case of rain, we might move to the nearby Treasure Island beach restaurant with the instruments. 


Most of our drums are "Hand Drums" (except only a few Bass Drums). Please DO NOT play the Hand Drums with anything else other than your hands. Do not use drumsticks on the Hand Drums, please. 

The animal-hide drum heads do not like salty hands. Please clean your hands before touching our drums. 


Here is the tentative schedule. 

3:00 "Rhythm Alchemy" workshop 

4:00 African drum & dance class for beginners 

5:00 Drum & Dance Jam

5:30 Light the bonfire.  Free Flow - Drum & Dance around the fire

6:00 Dinner (Optional), celebrating Nov B'day folks in the attendee's group including Kumi, Christy, Wayne and Ravita.  Let us know if your b'day is in Nov. 

Free Flow - Drum & Dance around the fire.

7:15 Pack up the drums and chairs and load them into the van. (Please help if you can.)

7:45 The van leaves the site. Feel free to stay on and enjoy! We'll play some music from our speaker. Let's dance! 


In the unlikely event that the police come, please disperse immediately. 

Any questions?  Contact Kumi at 97504212. 

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