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REMO Bahia Buffalo Drum

The Bahia Buffalo Drum in Black Earth finish is equipped with a rope handle and a Bahia Bass synthetic drumhead, which produces a pure soothing bass tone when struck with the soft mallet included. Dimensions-16" (w) x 3.5" (h)

4 pcs in stock. 

HK$960 + $40 local delivery (SF Exp : 2-3 days)
(International shipping - to be quoted. Please ask.)

16" Drum Head Cover

DRUM JAM's original drum head cover fits the 16" buffalo drum as well as 15-16" diameter djembe/ashiko drums. The durable nylon material with the soft padding makes a stylish cover to protect the delicate drum heard.  

6 pcs in stock. 

HK$200 + $25 local delivery (SF Exp: 2-3 days)
Free shipping when purchased together with the drum.
(International shipping - to be quoted. Please ask.)

We have the perfect gift for every music lover! 

Shop locally and support independent artists this holiday season.

Noise Origin is a print-on-demand online store by our friend, Chris B's The Underground.  It supports local music groups and small businesses like us. For every item purchased on their website, around 40% of the net profit will go directly to the musicians/bands. 

They said "For OVERSEAS shipping, please order on or before 12th December.  For Hong Kong deliveries, order before 18th December.  Of course, if you are late to order, just tell them, it's late cause Santa had to quarantine..."

Undergrounnd and Noise Origin.jpg

Drum Jam's original yellow T-shirt

There is this print on the back. 

The details of this item will be here soon. 

Gaian Tarot: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves

Gaia (Mother Nature) is the primal Greek goddess said by ancients to have given birth to the sky, sea, mountains, and all of creation. This beautiful 78 contemporary and mythical Tarot set with accompanying spiritual guide have a focus for the healing of the earth and of the self.

New. 1 pc in stock. 

HK$200 + $30 local delivery (SF Exp : 2-3 days)
(International shipping - to be quoted. Please ask.)

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